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Buy/Sell Policy

Looking to sell an item? Please email photos to  We can not give you a buying price over the phone without seeing the item(s).  We do not want to waste your time by bringing it into the store without an appointment and not having dealers to look at it at the time of your visit. We suggest you make an appointment after you have emailed photos and we will do our best to set you up with a dealer/potential buyer. Please be aware that there are only a few of us and a lot of you! It is a process that requires time. Please include your phone number in the email and the price you are hoping to get. We are not consignors or appraisers, although we can refer you. We do not have the space at this time. We are at full capacity. We specialize in selling for dealers, but receive a large amount of phone calls of people looking to sell antique related items. If you are looking for a quick turn-around for payment, we'd like to save you time and let you know, it is not likely that we can have money in your hand quickly. Time must be allowed to get in the potential buyer/dealers hands. 

Julie Mason, Owner

Antique Market Place